A Sister is Born | The Home Water Birth of Bea | Milwaukee Wisconsin Birth Photographer

I think we have had a total of ONE winter weather advisory this winter. So naturally that advisory fell on the ONE day I was headed to meet Lindsay and her family for the first time to shoot her in home maternity session.

That session remains a favorite of mine to this day despite the crazy weather. I was a fly on the wall while Lindsay and her husband Eric along with their 2 boys made pancakes and hot cocoa, listened to The Cure, and read about the 37th week of pregnancy in bed together.

One of the greatest joys of my job is getting to see the before. The before baby. When there were still only 4. The anticipation, longing, and big big BIG LOVE all waiting out here for this tiny human who has not yet arrived. 


When I arrived at Lindsay and Erics house, it was quiet and empty. They were out walking trying to strengthen her contractions that had been coming and going relentlessly for several days. She was exactly 42 weeks pregnant. They showed up shortly after I got there and their midwife followed close behind. After a quick check Lindsay headed up to rest. And Jessica, her midwife, and I sat downstairs chatting and making coffee. 

When Lindsay and Eric made their way back downstairs they decided to go for a walk around the block in hopes that it would get things to pick up once more. I followed with my camera. We walked and laughed for several blocks. Lindsay stopping to work through the waves as they came, leaning against the nearest tree. More laughing. More walking. 


We made our way back around the block and to the house. Lindsay got into her birthing tub almost immeadiatly upon returning home. Bea had waited 42 weeks to make her appearance but she definitely was not going to wait very much longer and that was clear.


Things moved very quickly. Intensely. Lindsay remained calm and focused the entire time and Eric was by her side every moment. Responding to her every need without her ever having to ask. It felt as though we were watching them fall in love over and over again.

At 6:51pm after a short and intense labor Lindsay roared her daughter from one world into another with her partners arms around her and ONE single push. I think it took several minutes for even her to figure out what had just happened! Not to mention any of us!


When Beatrice let out her first cry all that could be heard other than her was her big brother shouting " she's here! I heard her! she's here!" from downstairs. 

A sister was born.














Primary Midwife:  Jessica McCoy Siczkowycz 

Assistant Midwife: Brandy Brey