A Surprise Baby Girl | The Serene Hospital Birth of Rosemary | Milwaukee Birth Photographer + Birth Doula


When the stars aligned for me to attend Elena's birth, I was elated. 

We chatted about our older kids. We laughed. We had a great time all afternoon. You'd never of known she was just hours from giving birth!

Her husband was by her side every.single.second. And his attention was never anywhere else but on her. Watching a couple work together seamlessly to bring their baby earth side is truly one of my favorite things in this world. The BEST love stories unfold during births, and I'll stand by that forever.

I left the room to let mom and dad get some rest and relax for a bit after Elena had her epidural placed (for the second time, eep). I ran down to the hospital cafeteria to grab a cup of coffee and no sooner than I poured some creamer into it did Aaron (Dad) call to say " It's time to push!" 

Nothing makes a baby come quicker than a birth worker grabbing a moment of quiet or a cup of coffee. 

I tossed my coffee (I know, I know) and ran to the elevator. Immediately sweating and crossing my fingers baby was going to wait until I got back upstairs! 

I made it up in the nick of time and just a couple of pushes later Elena and Aaron welcomed their surprise baby girl, Rosemary to the world! I will never forget the smile on either of their faces as Aaron proudly announced that they had a DAUGHTER!