Milwaukee birth photographer water birth at authentic birth center 



Q: Why birth photography?

A: Because every woman deserves to see the look on their own face when their baby is placed on their chest for the very first time. Because there is nothing more real or raw than the love story that unfolds during a womans labor + delivery. Because EVERY woman deserves to see how FIERCE they are in those moments. Those first moments of a womans journey into motherhood are so intensely beautiful and I truly LIVE to capture them so that they can be cherished in photo form long after their birthing day is done and over with.


Q: Do you use flash?

A: I always have a flash in my camera bag for births incase it is needed. I only use it if it necessary. My clients and I always talk about it beforehand and if they are uncomfortable with the idea of a flash being used we just plan to be sure their is enough available light in their birthing space. 


Q: Do you shoot video or just stills?

A: At the moment I only offer stills. I have great recommendations for others who do shoot video though!


Q: I'm pregnant! When should I be contacting you about birth photography? Is there a such thing as "too soon"?

A: Absolutely not! There is no such thing as too soon when it comes to Birth Photography. My calendar fills quickly and that being said, the earlier the better. I have had people contact me within days of peeing on a stick!


Q: What if I go over my due date?

A: I go on call for my birth clients starting at 38 weeks. I stay on call until 42 weeks. So I am always on call for 2 weeks past a normal "guess date." 



Q: What happens if I go into labor BEFORE my due date?

A: If your birthing time falls in the time before I am on call I will ALWAYS make myself available to be there unless I am out of town or at another birth. In which case I would call my back up that we would have previously discussed to come and attend your birth in my place. I am always prepared for the unexpected because there is no such thing as a predictable labor but I have not missed a birth yet. 


Q: What areas do you currently serve?

A: I am available as both a birth photographer and doula to Milwaukee, Waukesha, Sheboygan, + Ozaukee Counties. 



Q: Birth Photography is a little out of our budget at the moment. Do you offer payment plans?

A: I absolutely do! Please contact me for more details. I also offer a Birth Registry option that allows your friends + family to contribute to your investment.



Q: What happens if you miss my birth?

A: In the case of a percipitous labor or any instance that my missing your birth is by no fault of my own, I would offer postpartum coverage and another session of your choice to put your payment towards. Labor is unpredictable and sometimes babies don't wait! Because of this I ALWAYS stress to my birth clients that it is NEVER too early to call me and let me know they believe labor has started no matter the time or day.



Q: What services do you offer other than Birth Photography?

A: I currently offer Lifestyle Newborn, Lifestyle Family, Maternity, MILK, Just Born, + Babywearing photography. As well as Birth Doula + Placenta Encapsulation services. 


Q: Do you only shoot hospital births?

A: Absolutely not! I have attended hospital, birth center, + home births. I love each the same. 


Q: Will my photos go up on the internet?

A: Only if you sign a model release and give me permission to post them! Some of my clients LOVE seeing their photos shared far and wide on social media. Others are much more private. While I love sharing, these photos are YOURS and I do with them only what you wish. Otherwise they are delivered in a private gallery for yours + your families eyes only.


Q: No crotch shots please!

A: I've said it before and I'll say it again, birth photography is definitely NOT all about the crotch shot. I consider myself a "modest" birth photographer unless asked otherwise. We will meet before your birthing time to discuss what types of shots you do and do not want. Birth is unpredictable and I can never guarantee I will GET a certain shot but I CAN guarantee I won't get certain shots if they aren't what you want in your birth story.